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Personal history of
Mr. Yoshiaki Takahashi

1965 Graduated B.S., University of Tokyo, Department of Naval Architect, Faculty of Engineering
1965 ~1975 Joined Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co Ltd (IHI)

Assigned Ship Design Department specialized in propulsion performance
Engaged in performance improvement of controllable pitch propeller (CPP) Assigned Research and Development Engineer
1975 ~1981 Engaged in designing a marine nuclear reactor in technical cooperation with TECHNICATOME, a subsidiary of Commissariat a Energie Atomique de France (CEA)
1981 ~1984 Joined Japan Science and Technology Agency responsible for establishing atomic energy policy for the light water nuclear reactor after the incident of radiation leakage on the Nuclear Ship “Mutsu”

1984 ~1994

Appointed lecturer in charge of marine nuclear propulsion for Nuclear
Technology Department, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo

In charge of development of under water technology and engaged in design, fabrication and delivery of a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) called the cable repair, burial and inspection system (CARBIS) for cable laying operation sponsored by NTT.

In charge of development of “underwater laser viewing systems” (ULVS) enabling to see underwater objects through turbidity.

In charge of developing “autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV)”, the prototype underwater vehicle for torpedo counter measures.

In charge of developing neural network controller, “robust adaptive neural-network controller” (RANC) for ROV.

Appointed lecturer in charge of Ocean Engineering Design for Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Department, University of Tokyo.
2001 Retired from IHI as a chief engineer of Ship building and Offshore Department.

Founded R & D Engineering Inc. and appointed CEO.
1991- 2006 Engaged in research and development aiming at drag reduction by means of micro-bubble and invented “winged air induction pipe” (WAIP) technology.

Conducted sea trials of MV “Adventure 2” equipped with WAIP system in collaboration with DSO National Laboratories, Singapore.

Acquired subsidy fund provided by the Japanese government organization for development of WAIP technology

Appointed a member of the Paper Review Committee for Society of Naval Architects of Japan
Aug 2005 Conducted sea trials and tests of MV “New Ferry Misaki” with a subsidy fund provided by The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation and proved commercially applicable WAIP technology
Dec 2006 Proved over 10% saving of total power on board MV “New Ferry Misaki”

Started marketing WAIP technology


You can find Takahashi's works in interenet
WAIP is Basis of WAIP Ferry Misaki WAIP devvelopment WAIP Inventor Takahashi,Yoshiaki WAIP install record WAIP_Agent WAIP_Report WAIP contact_us
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